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Since the first days of our production, we have adhered to the most important rules for the production of quality food products:

• Choose the best raw materials, because this is the only way to make your product tasty

• Adhere to both time-tested and innovative recipes so that both classics and lovers of unusual combinations of flavors can enjoy the taste of our desserts.

• Entrust production only to qualified employees, so as not to worry about consistently high product quality.

• Ensure a high level of food safety so that both we and our customers can have confidence in our products.

• Carefully packaged and delivered - for us, this is also part of the production, which guarantees careful treatment of each product.
Every day we strictly ensure that our suppliers arrive on time, always fulfill orders, and provide all necessary documents. We have set a rule for ourselves and our suppliers: the remaining shelf life on delivery must be at least 60%.

We regularly audit our key suppliers and producers of raw materials, as well as check the availability of food safety certificates (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS).

The most important thing is careful attitude to the storage of any ingredients. We have equipped four specialized storage warehouses, where the temperature and humidity levels required for various products are maintained.

We take care of people who experience allergic reactions to food, so we always take out the full composition of raw materials for labeling and mark allergens separately. We also point out that our products may contain allergens, which could be introduced even in minimal quantities (as they are called food traces). To maintain a careful handling of allergens, we have a special program of action to minimize the presence of mixing of allergens and "traces" in our products.
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The company has a system of mentoring and training. We work not only with professional confectioners, but also with people with high responsibility and a desire to develop in the food industry, teaching them and giving them the opportunity to develop professionally.

When hiring, the first thing we ask is not a "work" book, but a "personal medical". Believe me, we are good at distinguishing a fake or purchased book, and if we have any doubts, we call the doctors who put a stamp in the "sanitary" book. Each employee at least once a year passes all the necessary tests for a personal medical book.

At least four times a year we conduct regular audits and inspections of our food safety system. Peter Frost is an internationally recognized FSSC 22000-certified company.

Food Safety Certification System (FSSC) 22000
Production of frozen confectionery products: cakes, pastries, pies
Food Safety Certification System (FSSC) 22000
Production of frozen confectionery products: cakes, pastries, pies
SGS Compliance Statement
Compliance with the McDonald's standard for the supplier
Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS) course completion certificate
Production of frozen confectionery products: cakes, pastries, pies
FSSC 22000 (Version 4.1) Overview of additional requirements changes under the new version of the certification scheme. Food protection. Prevention of food fraud.
ISO 22000:2005. Development and documentation of the food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard.
All processes in the enterprise, from the entrance of an employee to the factory to the departure of the machine with the finished product, are assessed according to the principles of HACCP. The factory has been using HACCP since its foundation in 2007.

All key employees are certified by international companies for knowledge of the rules and principles of food safety of various standards. They also undergo advanced training to introduce new and relevant methods of controlling food safety and quality.

Tarts and pastries
Products are manufactured in accordance with TU 9130-001-90348149-2014 "Cakes, pastries, rolls"
Products are produced in accordance with TU 9119-002-90348149-2014 "Pies"
Semi-finished products
Products are manufactured in accordance with TU 9115-003-90348149-2016 "Frozen semi-finished flour confectionery products"
Packaging is also a part of production, so all the most stringent standards are applied to the quality of packaging. Only trusted cardboard and plastic suppliers who test their products for environmental friendliness and safety.

Packaging storage is a very important process. Precisely the process, since at first we store the packaging in a room with UV and ozone lamps turned on in order to decontaminate it. Then carefully arrange on the shelves. All damaged packaging or empty containers from raw materials are handed over to companies that are engaged in its recycling.

We pack our products in such a way that the cake, which we so diligently decorated in our production in the city of Vsevolozhsk, will reach, fly or sail to Vladivostok or even to New York.

Our customers know that they use proven transport for delivery, which maintains the temperature no higher than -18 C. We check our logistics partners, so their transport is kept clean, drivers have personal medical books and they are clearly instructed about the mode of transportation of our products.

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