Confectionery "Peter Frost" was founded in 2007. Our specialization is the production of cakes and pastries, which are subjected to deep freezing.

The Peter Frost factory was the first enterprise in Russia built using Dutch technologies. From the very foundation of the company, we have closely monitored the quality and safety of all products. During the existence of the enterprise, we have grown from a small manufacturer of apple pies into a full-fledged confectionery production and now we represent more than fifty types of cakes and pastries, as well as distributors of frozen products in the Northwestern Federal District.

Our clients range from small bakeries and cafes all over Russia to major international players in the fast food industry. Peter Frost confectionery is also available at smaller regional grocery stores and federal chain stores.

We produce tasty, high-quality and safe products and strive to provide the most convenient service for our customers.
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Blueberry muffin with sugar sprinkles
Muffins are a very cool thing - hearty, sweet, with raisins and berries. Magnificent thing.
Blueberry "mmm!!!" blueberry soufflé with a fork
A great recipe for super cool coffee shops and the best restaurants in the world.
Raspberry penne with fresh carrots and celery
Not exactly raspberry. Not very penne. No carrots or celery. But there are more calories than you can imagine.
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